The perfect Sunday...Almost : )

5:11 PM

Daddy finally got a long weekend off (Very rare!!!) So we tried to do fun stuff all weekend long. It was great, we really needed it. Today we all got ready for church, last time Livy had a little episode and we had to go and get her from Sunday School, she missed mommy and daddy. I was trying all morning to get her excited for it, and it seemed to be working....until we walked in. It broke my heart, her little lip went out and she was trying sooo hard not to cry, and when we got to the door she let the tears go. She had a death grip around my neck. There was no way I was making her go. Another attempt at going to church...FAILED, but hey Jesus, at least we tried right? haha Last time we did try to bring her into the Church but she talked and squirmed the entire time. So we left and decided to head out to the outlets and SHOP! Tim's idea! HELL YEAH! We had a blast and he even let me make a pit stop at my favorite store, HOME GOODS!! Grabbed a snack from Starbucks that was AMAZING!! I just recently started trying their food and I have to say it is REALLY good! And then we headed home, and now I am setting up all of my new stuff from homegoods!! Ahhh what a good day, would have been better if we had made it to church lol Attempting to make pulled pork for Sunday dinner. WISH me Luck!!

I got their Tomato Mozzarella Panini and it had a pesto spread on it that was AH-mazing! You!!!! I was sad when it was gone!lol

My lady wanted to hold Mama's hand : ) Awwww

Never holds still long enough!

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