Yeeesh...One of those days!

5:21 PM

Do you ever have on of those days where your just not meant to leave the house? Well that was the case for me today. I was tired and groggy and could not focus what so ever... (Must be the no shopping withdrawals!!) But I had a very VITAL errand to run. Our marriage licence was rejected because there was a scribble on it! UUUUHHHGGG! Totally typical, nothing is ever smooth for me!! Double UUUHHHG! So we literally had 10 days before our marriage was VOID! Funny now that its all taken care of. So while on my journey to the recorders office this is what happened.... I stopped at 2 non existent stop signs!(WOW) I got yelled out by a 12 y/o because for some reason the little punk didn't think I was going to stop for him to cross...There was NO parking when I got there, I got lights flashed at me by a police car because I tried to flip a bitch when I saw a car pulling away, so then I had to drive around the block and hope it will be there when I get there, It was! Things are looking up UNTIL....... I go to take Liv out of her seat and to my surprise she had a stage 2 blowout!! Ya haven't dealt with that since she was 6m/o! She didn't even tell me!! Uhhh I figured this was just gonna be a quick little outing so I did NOT bring a diaper bag. We had to walk in with her pants like that! I was mortified...OH and it does not stop there!! I reach into my NEW purse and its WET! Liv's juice had spilt inside! OH! And I can't forget the 2 guys laughing at me trying to parallel park! What? I was in a hurry!! WOW all of this in the span of 15 MINUTES! Could you imagine what could have happened had I had MORE things to do? I shudder at the thought! Locking my doors and going to bed!

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