New Years Resolution(s)

10:54 AM

Happy New Years everyone! 2010 was a great year, Livy turned 2 and Tim and I finally got married! YAY.

Last year my resolution was to stop procrastinating and get things done! I feel like I really accomplished this one, Katorey traveled all over California, promoting at some really awesome fashion shows, and Bianca and I's hair and Make-up biz really took off and is now a great success! Its amazing what good things can happen when you stop putting things off and really put in the effort to move things forward! So now, with this new year I have made more then one resolution but this time focusing more on my life and my family as well as my relationship with God (most importantly)

So here they are:

1. I really want to put more effort into my relationship with God and put more time into praying, reading the bible and doing my best to attend church every Sunday.

2. I reeeeally need to get back into shape, I definitely spent a lot of my time focusing on business and Liv, that I really kinda sorta let myself go :....( Damnit! I'm joining a boot camp and will be re-evaluating my diet!! LOL

3. I am going to put more time into doing things with Tim (That are things he enjoys) This is going to be a tough one for me, but just last night he asked me to watch Predator and I said YES! Hahaha he looked so shocked, he said REALLY? SERIOUSLY?! Hahaha it was great.

4. I am going to be more if a saver rather then a spender. I MAY even clip coupons, hahaha having never done this before...Could someone please tell me where to find these coupons?! Ahahaha kidding!! We really want to buy a home and take advantage of the buyers market so I will try and kick my habit and save as best I can.

I really hope that I can keep to these resolutions, they all pay off in the end and when I give myself a guideline I have much better results, so If your making a resolution for yourself try writing it down. It really helps me!

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