The beginning of Christmas Traditions

7:33 PM

To kick off the Christmas Season we decided to spend the day in Monterey and end the night with the Christmas tree lighting at Del Monte. We had the best time. Livy MOST of ALL!

We started off at the Paddle boats. We stopped at the McDonald's and grabbed a large fry to feed the birds. We got all bundled up and headed out. Liv was so excited. She loves all animals and if she could she would cuddle and "Ride" them all!! Hahaha the entire time she was yelling, "I hold you!" to the birds. Hehehe me and Tim couldn't stop laughing. She was just so thrilled to be where she was. She would try and try to through them the fries and would get so excited when one actually made it to the water. hehe, OH and she about jumped out the boat when the birds would eat it.

Next, we went to the adorable Ice skating rink they have set up. We were hoping to take Liv but her feet were still too small for their skates. She was just as excited to see it though, so I'm glad we went anyways. We walked around downtown to burn some energy and time since we couldn't go skating and then we were off to Del Monte.

(A store owners dog that Liv tried to ride and snuggle.
The dog was so sweet and patient! Hahaha)

With Liv being 2 now she is not too happy when we put her in her stroller : ( totally sucks for me, I've gotten pretty used to not having to carry my purse or shopping bags for that matter, but when we got there she about had a COW over those damn mall Cars! I hate those things, but it was a special day so we decided to let her ride.

When the little ceremony started it was absolutely adorable!!! First they had free cookies and hot chocolate. They had all of Santa's helpers there passing out little antlers and balloon animals. I'm pretty sure it was one of the best days of her life!! hahaha Then the band started playing Christmas Carols, and ALLLL of the kids gathered and started dancing and singing. Tim and I could not stop laughing. Of course our lady was front and center and the first one to get the party started. At the end Santa came and turned on the treeeeee!!! We had such a great time that we are going to make this an annual family outing every year!!

(Liv's Reindeer, she loved him!)
(So excited over Jingle bells, her Fave!)

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