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Tim and I were married on November 6th! It was one of the most amazingly magical days I have ever experienced, other then our daughter's birth of course. My vision for the big day came to life thanks to the amazingly talented Swenson and Silacci! The owner Mark Silacci completely brought my vision to life and created the most spectacular arrangements and Decor for the ceremony and reception. The ambiance was perfect, the feelings in the air were cheerful and happy and me and my hubby couldn't have been more in love. We both look back on our day and instantly think Magical! That word truly sums it up.

My vision for our wedding was really easy for me, I knew I wanted something unique, a candle light ambiance, a touch of fanciful with a hint of fairytale. Hehe see pretty simple right?! Well this is to be expected with me, I am unintentionally high maintenance and extremely picky...But pretty easy going! (No bridezilla here!!!) Ya that's a little conflicting you say?? Ask any one, that's me in a nut shell. Hahaha well any ways, I wanted lots of Drama on top of that, big clusters of candles, lots of gold accents, Oh ya and our custom color purple! Don't even get me started on the damn color. Totally unintentional, so our color purple was an eggplant purple with a hint of Burgundy. SO annoying, it was really hard to find things that matched, but there was no budging. I LOOOVED the color ; ) It looked amazing on my girls and I am so glad I stuck with it. So moving on, my vision sounds pretty expensive right??? Well it was lol but I wanted to keep the prcie down as much as possible. I am a pretty Crafty girl so if there was something I could make myself I was doin it!!!!! For the amount of candles I was wanting would have cost me (ahemm My dad..) About $5000! UHHH Ya no way, I was so making those. And lucky for me my grandfather in law makes candles all the time. He let me borrow all of his tools ; ) He is the best. Then I went on ebay and found like 60lbs of ivory wax for $70. It took me about 4 months to make them all but I did it ; ) and we didn't even need to use a single candle from the florist, CHACHING saved the pops $5000 yeehhee, I was quite proud of myself. Next... For my whimsical fairytale touches I wanted to add peacock feathers to everything and Ivory for me ; ) I looked ALLLL over and finally found a supplier that does custom colors on good 'ole reliable EBAY! Gawd I love that site ; ) The feathers were perfect! I took a few of the feathers and made my lady's hair pieces. They loved them and they looked amazing in their hair. I think I had most fun making all of these little details for the wedding, it definitely made it feel more mine...or should I say OURS ; ) hehe My amazing and useful Grandpa in law aka Vavoo also makes bird houses, and keeping with my theme, I thought they would look amazing scattered in random little areas! And boy was I right! Hahaha I took the houses and spray painted them gold and mod podged purple feathers on to them! I am still getting complements on how cute and unique the bird houses were. I really think that it is the little details that make your decor unique and different from the rest. My poor mom was so worried during all of this planning. I kept having to assure her that if my vision is executed properly it will be the most spectacular wedding you have ever seen, and she was great, she never objected, not ONCE, and that evening she came over to me and said, "You were right, this is amazing and this is the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen ; ) " Love you mama!!!

Now onto our Dresses! YEEEEE My adorable little flower girls wore fairy inspired dresses that I found on ETSY! Greatest site ever, I almost didn't say, I still consider it my best kept secret but its getting pretty popular now so I guess I'll share as well : / Hmph! My girls dresses were found online, we looked all over but everything was so blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah and plain and my girls are SEXY bomb shells and there was no way I was gonna make them look frumpy! Even though they could never look frumpy. I am still getting compliments on the girls dresses. They were sparkly, unique and sexy and they looked amazing in them!!! I found my dress in an amazing boutique in SF. What a memorable day that was with my two besties. We had a blast, and you better believe the champagne was flowin. After trying on 4 dresses I fell in love with a Pronovias gown. It fit me in all the right places ; ) I did alter it quite a bit, I wanted to make it my own, so I re-designed the top. I loved it, and felt amazing wearing it!!

Another special Item I found on etsy was my rose petal runner. I had a hard time accepting the ugly red carpet at our church and a cheesy white runner just wouldn't do, I knew there had to be something unique out there if I looked hard enough. Finally I found the petal aisle runner!! I was so in love when I saw it. It was perfect. I HAD to have it. It was pretty darn expensive but I looked at it as an investment, since I do work in the wedding Biz Kinda, I figured I could rent it out and eventually make a profit. This runner is really hard to find and no one rents them out ANYWHERE, so that justified my big purchase... IF ANYONE WANTS TO RENT MY BEAUTIFUL 75FOOT IVORY ROSE PETAL RUNNER LET ME KNOW! hehe

Now on to the entertainment, it was very important to us to make sure all of our guest were entertained at all time. I discovered the most amazing ukulele singer at Kula ranch. If you have been there you will know just who I am talkin about. The one and only Robby Lee! He is adorable and has an amazing voice. He can sing any song you can think of in his own unique way. Very entertaining and hilarious! Every one LOOOVED him. He ended the evening with his own rendition of Lady GAGA! Ya pretty awesome! We had the music DJ'd by the money band. Zoe is awesome and lots of fun.

The entire day was perfect and I am so blessed to be married to my love, FINALLY! He always makes me feel so special.


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