What I made Wednesday!

3:47 PM

Today was a LOOONG Day, I'm Just getting home, and getting to post what I made today, but its STILL Wednesday so it still counts.

It was so cute, everytime she would push down on
the cookie cutter she would say, "POP."

Today Was such a special day. I have been counting the days until Livy was old enough to bake with me. I decided that today she was going to be old enough to help me make my annual batch of Halloween pumpkin cookies.

And how can one possibly bake for the first time with out a SUPER Duper Special First time Baking APRON!?

And that my friends is what I made today along with the Halloween Pumpkin Cookies of course.

She was very excited watching the cookies Bake.

Can you find the ones Livy Decorated? hehe

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