Fall Rag Wreath

2:43 PM

This is one of my favorite projects. Simply because it is so easy and quick and takes very few materials.

All you need is:

About 2 yards of Fabric and you will have left overs.

A wire hanger

A few inches of ribbon

Hot glue gun

Step 1. You take your fabric and cut them into 1inch width and about 12 inches in length, but that really is up to you, depending on how you want your wreath to look.

Step 2. Bend your wire Hanger into a circle.

Step 3. Start tying your strips in double knots around the hanger. Its fun to use 2 different types of fabric and alternate them.

Step 4. Once your done with that, take the ribbon and hot glue gun and cover the hook of the hanger and THAT'S IT!

A super easy project that looks great around the house! ; )

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