Carmel Sand Castle Contest 2010

10:11 PM

Beautiful Carmel Beach

This past weekend I took my little lady to the annual sand castle contest at Carmel Beach. I remember going there as a little girl and I thought it was the neatest thing ever, and since Livy is just like me ; ) I knew she would love it.

She though it was really cool but I'm afraid I might have turned her into too much of a girly girl. I had just painted her toes and she was upset that the sand was getting on her feet. Ahaha but don't get me wrong, this little lady packs a mean left HOOK! ahahhaa No really!

Slightly Inappropriate...; ) hehe

Livy and her Nana
So Presh ; )

This picture is really funny cus we came up upon this little boy and Livy was so curious, it was really cute. She ran over and sat next to him and started asking a bunch of questions. She goes, "Hi, Hi. Where you go? Where you go?" Then she started patting the sand over his legs. It was really funny. Our little Social Butterfly. She loves everyone, not a shy bone in that tiny little body. And I LOVE it ; )

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