The Ugly Old chair!

7:03 PM

This chair has been to college and back with my sister, to LA and back with me, but almost missed the boat home, I wanted to leave it in a dumpster but Tim insisted he, "LOVED" that chair, and I'm glad that he did because I finally revamped it and I now "LOVE" that chair. It turned out great!

What you need:

1.Sewing machine

2. Cute Fabric

3. Spray paint (I recommend

Rust Oleum painters touch from home Depot)

4. Sand paper

This project was almost too easy. First I decided what color to paint it. I went with a rich brown to match the rest of our Living room theme.

I gave the chair a good wipe down, sanding and another wipe down.

Then I evenly covered the chair with Rust Oleum painters touch Spray paint. (You'll see me use spray paint A LOT, Its the quickest and cleanest way to paint any thing. I LOOVE IT!)

While the base was drying I Made the slip covers. I laid the cushions on top of the fabric and gave a good 1/2 inch.

I left 1 of the 4 sides open so I could easily pull them off and wash them, because we all know when you have a toddler nothing stays clean for very long (HYMPH :/) You cant see these slits because the cushions fit snug in the chair.

Once the chair is dry, place the cushions and that's it! WAHLAH

I hope this Inspires you to take something old and make it NEW!

Total Cost to make this Chair:

$3.99 paint

$4.00 Fabric

$8.00 TOTAL (Can't beat that)

(I Love this corner, I just might sit down and read something, If only I could get a free second)

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