Office chair RE-DO

9:16 AM

After I finished the chair in my previous post I had a ton of fabric left over, so I kinda went a little crazy recovering things! hahaha I am a little bit of a FREAK when it comes to things Matching, if something doesn't go, I either make it go or I get rid of it. ; ) This project was so easy. If you have an ugly office chair cramping your style give this a try. Its SO easy!

(Sorry about my Chihuahua walkin thru the shot. haha)

1. I started measuring the fabric. All I did was give a good inch to ALL the sides on the bottom part of the chair. Then I went around with my staple gun, being SURE to keep it very tight and smooth. Just keep pulling the edges under and stapling until your done and thats it for the base.

2. The top part required a little more work but still very easy. I draped the other piece of fabric over the chair and marked the outline with straight pins. Those were my guidelines for sewing. (Be sure the turn the fabric inside out when pinning)

3. It took me about 2 minutes to sew the fabric to the shape of the back rest. Turn fabric right side in and pull it down over the chair.

4. Now all you do is tuck the ends into the seam of the chair and staple. Some parts I couldn't staple so I hot glued, and it worked great!!!

5. Thats it! And look how cute it is. I love it.


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