CD Case Fall Display

5:18 PM

I LOVE this idea. I was racking my brain trying to come up with a unique way to take a useless item and make something great out of it! While going through some useless stuff I cam across a bunch of empty CD cases, and then it came to ME!

If you have any laying around make a cute Word display out of them. For this I chose the word FALL. The sky is the limit and it was soo Easy and cost me NOTHING! Woohoo

1. Remove all paper inserts from CD cases and wipe clean

2. Take your spray paint and cover entire case evenly. I used Brown.

3. Once they were dry I gathered some fall scrap book paper I had from a previous project.

4. I then mod Podged the ripped up pieces on the cover of the case.

5. Then I took ribbon and glued them into the shape of each letter and covered the entire thing in mod podge once more the really get that shine!

And that's it! And look at how cool they turned out. I think I'm going to have the joints at the top instead of the side next time. Give it a try and send me a picture of what you created.

*If you do this craft please be sure to tag my blog. ; ) Thanx

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