Can it Just be FALL Already!??!!!

4:57 PM

This time of the Year I turn into a Crafting, re-organizing, giddy all the time, cookie baking NUT! I don't know if its the Holiday seasons approaching or the simple smell of Fall in the air...Whatever it is, I LOVE IT! I think it has something to do with the way my mom raised us. She had a way with making every Holiday so magical. Decorations and activities Galore! Now that I am a mama I want to do the same for Livy, so I guess I am like my mom on steroids when it comes to "Hyping" up the Holidays. I have been preparing since Mid August. Hahaha I know, I know, I am a FALL Freak, as some might say Ahem...Have said. One of my favorite things to do is turn all Livy's Holiday room Decor PINK! I picked up some great raw wood pieces from Micheal's and painted them pink and Orange. I also got started on some Christmas stuff, but we'll talk about that Later(Insert Tim's Eye roll ahaha) I like for everything to match and since her room is pink, the orange would clash of course. Now that I have most of my little projects ready to be displayed, I wait...and wait...Until September 21st. That is when all the crazy house wives like me finally get to decorate! YAAAY! I love my home around the Holidays and I can't wait!! 5 More days TO GO!!!

Keep an eye out for all of my Fall Decor How to's! Their really cute and cost next to NOTHING!!!

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