Projecct ETHOS!!!!

11:30 PM

Katorey was invited to take part in Project Ethos Love Sick. Here's a little info about them:

Project ETHOS produces red carpet events showcasing all emerging Millennial Generation forms of creativity in one house, on one night. By merging fashion, music, and art concurrently, we bring into existence a unique avenue for artists. Our goal is to furnish opportunity for featured participants, as well as arrange a truly invigorating experience for an event goer.

Project ETHOS closes the gap between Indie and Mainstream. With an experienced and focused eye, we discover new extraordinary talent and create a link to decision makers.

Since 2005, we have provided a dynamic portal of exposing all emerging creative ideas to the media, public and industry.

I am so thrilled yet very intimidated to be in this show. This is by far the biggest thing to date for Katorey. I have been prepping for about 2 months. I want everything to be perfect. Sometime you only get one shot, and there is NO way I am going to blow mine. I will have the opportunity to display my line to all of the top fashion editors, stylists, and Buyers from all around. I hope I have what it takes. I've worked awfully hard and would LOVE to see some GREAT accounts out of this show. Now the only question is...what AM I going to WEAR! AAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhh hehe ; )

If you are in the LA area, I would be so grateful to have your support.
Please visit for ticket and event info!!

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