My Mother's Day Wish list!!

4:39 PM

What I would like for Mothers DAY:

*Breakfast in bed, Minus the messy kitchen and Hubby loong gone to work, and left for me to pick up ; )

*A back rub without the guilt trip

* Let me sleep in, this doesn't mean you get the lady from her crib and put her in our bed so she can whack me in the face with her baby dolls head : )

* Non stop kisses all day long!
* Tell me I'm Beautiful and the greatest Mom in the world every hour!! Hehe(This ones Important)
*Make me a yummy dinner...Although I'm pretty sure all you can make is cereal....

*For God-sake let me watch TLC for once!!!

*Take the trash OUT!!...Pleeease!

*Continue loving a doting on me the way you always have and I will be one HAPPY MAMA!
I love you Little Family!! ; )

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  1. I hear you about the young mommy thing!! I still get that and it is so insulting. BUT in a way now I just take it as a compliment because just like you said our girls make us younger not older. They are our fountain of youth!


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