YAY for YOUNG Moms!

11:40 AM

I LOVE being a young mom, I have a ton of energy and lots of time to have as many kids as I would like. I am able to get down on the floor with my daughter and roll around with out a second thought. But because I am a young mom I find a few things VERY annoying. If you know me you can see that I have a very young face, at 21 I looked about 15 and at 23 I barely pass to buy a lighter. (LOL) I often get this comment almost twice a month, "Wow, is that your baby? But your so young!" I find this comment to be very irritating. First of all NO I am not a teenage mother. I am in my twentys and in a very stable relationship and am financialy comfortable. What do they mean when they make this statment?...That its a shame I wasted my youth by having a child? I wouldnt change it for the World! In a way, my daughter has made me younger. I find myself on the floor playing with dolls and watching cartoons! (LOL) Do people think that in order to be a good parent you have to be atleast over 25? I can bet you a million bucks that most Mothers my age take GREAT care of their children, and enjoy every moment of it. : )

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