Update on Livy Loo!

10:55 AM

As of today Liv has learned how to count to three, she can pretty much understand what we are saying and takes direction very well. If she has something she shouldn't we simply say, "Bring to Daddy/Mommy," and she does. She can tell us when she's hungry or thirsty, she's running all over, and she LOVES to twirl! She dances at the sound of any type of music. She melts when her Daddy plays her guitar, she has her own mini guitar that she loves to strum, and a "Baby" grand piano, that she actually plays very nicely. She carries around one specific baby doll that she adores, she has become attached to a "Lovy," and when we ask her for a snuggle, she walks over and rests her head on us. She has this HILARIOUS game she plays, she tries to walk with her eyes closed. Probably the funniest thing we have ever seen. She loves to sing doodoodoo, she thinks all food is a "Crackah" which is so cute. She can say, "ball, football, basketball, bubbles, Tahoe,puppy,woof,cow, moo,kitty, please, thank you, your welcome, Nana, papa,bubba, TT, Vavvo, baby, hi, bye, WOW, juice, fishy, quacker(Duck), and so much more! She talks like crazy. She knows the word, "HOT," and when to use it, and she'll blow to cool it down, she tells me when she has gone potty.(And is very specific, "Peepee/poopoo"lol) On her Aunties birthday a couple months ago she heard us sing "Happy Birthday" and has been singing it ever since, she loves it. Every time she sees a candle, she sings Happy Birthday to you, its so precious, I melt! She can even name all of the common body parts and will extend here hand to say, "Nice to meet ya." In the past few weeks she has learned the word, "Owie," and how to use it in the right context as well. When she realized that she would get extra attention from mommy or daddy she began "Abusing" the word! (LOL) For the past week she has said owie over 100 times!!! She says it for everything, just to see what our reactions are. If she doesn't get her way she says owie! Its actually very cute! It amazes me, how smart toddlers! At the age of one they already know how to manipulate us!! There is so much more that she is doing now, but that is most of it. She is such a smart little girl, every day is something new. It is so neat seeing her grow and learning new things. It truly is amazing! : )

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  1. Kate, you are too cute! Love love love reading about livy! See you on Sat


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