Livy growin up

10:04 AM

(Liv loves visiting the special need kids. She loves to bring them toys ( : and she loves to say hi to the babies when they come to class )

I have had a crazy past two months! I debuted my 2010 spring/summer line with a great fashion show, I was invited to take my show to Las Vegas as well as San Francisco next month! A week ago we traveled to Arizona to take in some Spring Training baseball games, we also continued to go to our play group that we love and I have been doing hair for weddings almost every weekend! As much as I enjoy working, I live for those lazy days I get to spend with my little lady! She is growing up to be such a well rounded little girl. She is very social and never shy. I tried to make sure that she was shared as a baby and tried not to coddle her too much. I have to say that by doing this I have helped her become a very out going child. She loves all people, especially babies. She will go up to any baby and stroke them on the cheek. She is such a precious little girl. She melts me every day. I truly believe that because I didn't shelter her too much and made sure that she had many life experiences before the age of one has helped her to grow socially and mentally as well. At the age of 16 months she can already count to three, is beginning to share and can say, "ABCD!" She says please and thank you and will extend her hand to say nice to meet you to any one that says, "Hello." I really believe that if a baby is sheltered too much and kept from seeing the world outside of their home can really determine the type of personality they will develop as well as their abilities to function in a social environment. As mother's, it is our job to raise our children the best way possible, for me, I think that by putting her in the center of any social situation has really helped her to be able to understand things better. :)

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