Not Just an over-priced Stroller! "The Bugaboo"

10:35 AM

Before my daughter was born we "invested" in a bugaboo stroller. I chose this stroller not because its trendy and sold at Neiman's and Nordstroms but because it has so many neat details and Extras. When my daughter was a new born she spent her first 5 days in an incubator, so when we brought her home and put her in her crib, she wouldn't sleep because it was to much space. When babies are that young they feel more secure in smaller spaces. We hadn't purchased a bassinet and luckily her stroller came with a bassinet and she slept in that for a few days until we were able to run out and buy one. We were already sleep deprived so this attachment was a real lifesaver to us. The bassinet attachment is one of the best features I think. We also used it as her portable crib when we would go out of town. It was so useful, you could even change your babies diaper right in the stroller. Now that Livy is older we have switched to the Seat attachment. It has 3 different levels. When she is sleepy I recline it and she lays flat. Another detail that I love so much about this stroller is that you can change which side you push your baby. I always prefer to have my daughter facing me so I can watch her, but if your child likes to see whats going on just push the handle bar to the other side. The bugaboo can also be used as a jogger. It has large back wheels for all terrain and is very maneuverable. I cannot recommend this stroller enough. It is worth the $1000 price tag!! AND it looks sleek and stylish at the same time ; )

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