No to the "No" word

9:19 PM

Starting last month Livy and I started our Mommy and me class. It has been so fun watching her interact with other children. Its really neat to see her little personalty come out. So far I have noticed that she thinks she is much older then her peers. She will go up to the kids and pat them on the back and even assist them up the stairs to the slide. So adorable. She is very friendly and out going. Her favorite thing to do is to say "Hi" to everyone she sees. So precious. She does have a little tiny hitting problem but since our first day, has gotten much better. During these classes our teacher gives us a lesson on a certain parenting skill. Our teacher gave us a great disciplinary skill that I wanted to share, because I have seen a huge change in Olivia. She told us that when your child is doing something they shouldn't do, don't use the word "NO." She told us that your child will only associate bad feelings and reactions when that word is used. I noticed that with Olivia. When I would say no, she would throw a fit and take a swing at me.(lol) Since then, when Liv is doing something wrong I simply say, "Don't touch that" or "Put that down" She does what I say and moves on to the next thing! It has really helped our relationship too. I can tell that both of us don't feel that frustration between us any more! I love this new tactic and I recommend it whole heartedly! Give it a try and let me know what you think. : )

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  1. This is what I'm trying to do with my 2 year old.. im trying!


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