When buying name brands for your kids....

12:57 PM

(Onesie extenders are great for getting at least an extra 3 months out of your childrens clothes.)

(Livy at 13 and 3 months in the same jeans!)

I love name brands! Dont ask me why...I just do! I also LOVE anything miniature! When I had my daughter, I just couldnt help my self! Juicy, Joey Jeans, True religion, You name it, she had to have it! So...I came up with a great and cost effective way for my daighter to wear these kuxery items with out it being a huge waste of money by her growing out of them in a matter of months. When I bought my daughter her first pair of true religions I bought them in 12 months and Shes been wearing them since 3 months. They have an adjustable waste band, and I rolled the bottoms twice! Shes 14 months now and still wearing them. In a few more months they will become peddle pushers! So Cute. I just got her a new pair for christmas that are 24 months.With these I just use a belt and cuff the bottoms! I get more use out of these then I do with other less expensive outfits of hers. When it comes to the juicy suits, their sizes are very flexible. My daughter can still fit into a 3 month sweater with the sleeves pushed up. Its so easy to get tons of use out of these adorable name brands. All you need to do is buy them big!! Now you have the perfect excuse when your husband asks you why you spent $70 on a pair of jeans for your kids! : )

P.S. I also found these great onsie extenders! You can get them at http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=484759&itemNumber=12730

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