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12:29 PM

During the first year of being a mama I discovered some really great items that I love! My first favorite is the Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags. These bags are amazing and a huge time saver. I'm kind of a germ freak and these bags guarantee to kill 99.9% of bacteria on all baby items. All you do is rinse your bottles/ toys etc. and add 2oz of water and pop the bag into the microwave for a minute and a half. The next thing I really love for my daughter when she was a newborn was the Pampers Sensitive diapers. If you have a baby that hates to be changed you will love these. They have a great little feature. The diapers have a wet indicator line. No more reaching in to check or unnecessary changes. When the diaper is wet the line turns blue! This next one is more for the mommies. Immediately after having my daughter I started binding me belly. You can find a really great one here With in ONE week my stomach muscles were back to normal! No loose skin at ALL! I even slept in it! I guarantee this product 100% It really works. Its a fast and easy way to getting your figure back! The next is the meleda pump. If your planning on nursing but want to be able to still go out with out your baby, I recommend this pump. I would not waste your money on any other pump. This is the only one that works fast and efficiently. It come in a great black bag too! The last item is the Medela Quick Clean Breast pump & Accessory Wipes. If you have a baby like mine, you'll really love this one. My daughter LOVES to throw her bottles, binkies, and toys on the floor. Like I said I'm a germ freak and these wipes are perfect for those situations. All you do is wipe off the item and let it dry and its as good as new. You don't even need to rinse after! I hope this helps all you new mommies!

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