Saving the EARTH one BIKINI at a time

11:56 AM

Were getting ready to launch our First ECO friendly season from KATOREY SWIMWEAR. I'm very excited about this season. It took me 2 years perfecting this line. Ive had all of my patterns tested to ensure adequate support for any size chests. I did a lot of research finding ECO friendly products for the right price. Nothing angers me more then an over-priced bikini. Mine are priced just right, ranging from $55-85. Keep in mind that my bikinis are all domestically made and Eco friendly at the same time. I am offering an amazing price!! That's one of the main things I am so excited about. I'm able to offer a real quality bikini for a good price. I hope that this season is going to greater then the last. I have high hopes of maybe getting into at least chain store. I do have an amazing sales rep that could make it possible for me. I love that I am able to do something that I love and not have to sacrifice my time spent with my daughter. She goes everywhere with me. She attended fashion week at 2 months old and LOVED it! I like to look at my business as something we can hopefully share together when shes a little older. I would love to do a children's line with her. To all of those moms that think its not possible, I offer hope. My daughter is my inspiration and she gives me the drive to never give up!

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