A mothers Guide to Eating out with your toddler

3:50 PM

My family and I eat out a lot! Its something we enjoy and want to share with our toddler. But if were going to enjoy ourselves as well as all of the people around us it requires some well thought out distractions. So here is a list of things that I have found really work for us and hopefully for you too!!!!

* I make sure my daughter is hungry, I don't feed her before because food is a great distraction!!

*I'll make some peas and put them in a baggy for her to eat.

* I bring along organic puffs and crackers. She loves them and they keep her hands busy

*My absolute favorite is the teether bags! You just stick some ice cubes in side and your baby will be distracted for at least a good 15 minutes.

*I keep a seperate set of toys just for eating out. This way she isnt sick of them and throwing them across the restaurant.
*And of course the usual milk and juice. Cant leave home with out that! I use these as my last resort. Usually when our food comes.

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