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(These 7 Jeans can be found on Ebay starting at $60)

(This top is a perfect maternity top because its belted below the bust and loose enough to cover
the ever growing belly)

If your a pregnant mama and are around 4 months your probably starting to think about the dreaded "Maternity" pants. Ehh Why do they have to be so darn ugly? I, like most mama's wanted to remain stylish and cute during my pregnancy. (Just because your pregnant doesn't mean you have to dress like a frump lol) Just like any jeans you buy, you know that when you buy cheap ones they tend to stretch and fall apart. Same goes for Maternity...only worst. The cheap jeans will drive you nuts. All day long you will be pulling them up. They get so baggy and uncomfortable. Most woman don't realize that most designer jeans have a maternity line (7 jeans, True religion,etc.) These can be found at A Pea in the Pod, but like any practical mama, we are not going to spend over $100 on jeans we are only going to grow of! So being the smart shopper that I am found a really great pair on EBAY! They fit great and never got baggy in the legs or fell down when I waddled : ) Don't waste your money on a cheap pair of maternity jeans when you can get a great pair on EBAY. Just buy them 1 size bigger then you are at 4 months and you can most likely wear them all throughout your pregnancy! Now for the tops... I never bought a single maternity top throughout my pregnancy. I found that most FREE PEOPLE tops fit over my belly just fine. Lucky for us the loose dress tops are really in right now. You can find some really cute tops at Macy's and Nordstroms. Even if its not a dress top, purchase the top in a large and sport the bump. I think a pregnant belly is absolutely adorable and I love seeing Mama's showing it off in tight little tee's or tanks. By wearing the tighter shirts or adding a belt you save yourself from looking like a walking, "Tent." And the best part of all is that these tops can be worn post pregnancy, and no money is wasted...So pregnant mamas, don't think that you have to limit yourself to "Motherhood Maternity," all you have to do is get a little more creative while shopping and don't feel like you need to hide the bump. Hey!! These days its considered a trend!! : )

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