Honest Kids Organic Juices

4:25 PM

I found this really great juice for children while at Costco the other day. The juice is called, "Honest Kids" and my daughter really loves them. Their 100% organic, and the very first ingredient is filtered water. You can get an entire case for around $6.00. They taste so good but you can tell that there is little sugar added and the sugar that is added is Organic Raw cane sugar.
Its really important to maintain the amount of sugar your toddler eats because their teeth are just developing. When giving your child apple juice always remember to add at least a 1/4 of water to the cup and try not to serve it in a bottle. I myself am guilty of doing this from time to time but only on rare occasions. I highly reccomend these juices. They have great flavors and your child will love them. : )
Visit their web site @ http://www.honesttea.com/kids/

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