Tropical Vibes

Tiny Tiny Style Co is your go to retailer for all things trendy for your little style icon. They have everything from dresses to edgy outfits and all in between. They have an amazing selection of accessories too. You definitely need to pop over to their web site and shop around. You will not be disappointed!

 Absolutely digging this palm dress and the way the green pops on Liv! She looks so stunning in it. 

 How fun are these mint colored sunnies?! So fab.
 Liv's gold shoes are by Foxpaws

Settling in

We are just about 2 weeks out since having Miss Indie. It's so funny how you wonder, imagine and fantasize about your baby and once they are here its this all familiar feeling like they have been here the entire time. My babies have always been a part of me, even before I ever thought about having children...they were there. Our family feels so complete. We are very blessed with the 3 little girls that we have. It's an absolute privilege to be their Mother. They bring us such joy.

The transition of having a new baby couldn't have been easier. The girls are just smitten and so helpful. This time around has definitely been the easiest. Tim and I are just so mellow and familiar with this process. We do have days where we are exhausted but that is to be expected, but she by far sleeps better than the other 2 ever did as newborn so we'll take it!!

Welcome to the family Indie Mae

My heart couldn't be any more content at the moment. What a sweet little family Tim and I have created. And my girl's, I was so silly to think I had something to worry about. They are just as in love as we are. Liv is her protector, always making sure hands have been washed, no one is loud or running around the baby. She wont even let anyone eat around her. Indie has nothing to worry about with Liv watching out for her. Willow, she is so gentle and affectionate with her. She is the first on the scene when Indie starts to cry. She shushes and sings in her ear and is always telling her she loves her so much. I could cry. This is my all or nothing Mama's girl and to see her so willing to share me with her baby sister is a HUGE deal. They are such little Mama's and this baby girl couldn't be in better hands with these 2 amazing sisters. 

 Baby Tydus meeting his cousin for the very first time. What a sweet little moment. He was very excited and so soft and sweet with her. He's got a big job ahead looking after all these girls!

 The girls holding Indie for the first time. Liv is so proud to be a big sister again. She knew exactly what to do. She's a pro with babies now! Willow immediately goes into this little Mama mode and whispers sweet little words to Indie and sings her our songs and all is well in the world. My heart almost burst. I was so worried she wouldn't take to her but there is no denying the love she has for baby Indie.

Kith and Kin Marketplace

Kith and Kin has a little something for everyone. I love everything about this line. The adorable t-shirts and ornate jewelry are so cute and unique

This custom necklace was made just for me. The little leather tag has all 3 of my sweet girls name's stamped into it. I've worn it almost everyday. It's a very special piece of jewelry that will bring a smile to my face every time I put it on.

Here is a little bit about Kith and Kin Marketplace
Kith & Kin Marketplace
 KITH&KIN Marketplace was born in the Summer of 2016 from the overly active imaginations of two close friends who just happen to be related. Those two crazy kids (got old and) eventually had little kids of their own and were always striving to uncover unique, clever, and always fashionable pieces for their littles. When they couldn't find EXACTLY what they were looking for they decided to find people who could help them create those pieces themselves.
Located in a small town in Upstate New York, each and every item in the K&K Marketplace has been handmade, hand-selected, and/or locally sourced by fellow small businesses. We put love and creativity into everything you'll find here (and sometimes, even a little sass). 
Thanks to a super supportive following on Instagram (@kithkinmarketplace), we finally decided to make it official -- KITH&KIN is starting small; with just a few limited but amazing items to get the ball rolling. From here, the sky is the limit!
For questions or for more information about becoming a Brand Rep for KITH&KIN, please fill out the form below to contact us.
We hope you find something absolutely perfect. Thanks for stopping by!
Owners, KITH&KIN Marketplace

This tee is so great! It reads, "Mason Dash... Call me!" LOL I love it. Too cute!

Our Amazing Birth Story

I had to get this post up ASAP because it is just too miraculous not to share. As you know my sister and I were both expecting. Another fun aspect to our story is that we both got pregnant unexpectedly around the same time. That would be our first of many what are the odds?

We later find out our due dates were a week apart. We were in shock and couldn't stop laughing over it. Move forward a few more weeks and we find out we are both having baby girls. How fun! They are going to have such a special, unique relationship. We can't wait.

Fast forward to now, I am an induction and my sister is a scheduled cesarean due to complications with her previous birth. My babies are victims of shoulder dystocia and the earlier we can induce the safer it is for them. 39 weeks is the earliest you are allowed for an induction and the 9th put me at 39 weeks and a day so in we go for my induction.

We went in at 11:30am and started the usual process I know so well. This time around my body went into labor, consistent mild contractions and instead of just breaking my water my Dr. decided to just let me labor and see if we could get away with out any other medical interventions. So what usually takes 12 hours start to finish would now be taking me late into the night and well on to the next day. We did a lot of walking and stair climbing. I am not the type to lay in bed and wait for my baby to come. Being up and moving around is crucial to your baby dropping down safely and in the right position. It can make or break a natural labor. I knew if she came down wrong and I experienced back labor than an already painful process would become unbearable.

2 am comes around and I am beyond exhausted and feeling worried that I wont have the energy for when REAL contractions begin. At about 3cm I stopped contracting. We decided to get some rest and continue with breaking my water in the morning. I was happy with that decision because she still hadn't dropped down low yet and I really wanted family there when she was born.

9:15am we break my water and real labor starts to progress. My sister was due to come and take photos and be there for the delivery when I was around 7cm. We then get a text from Travis her husband that they are on their way because Corey had gone into labor and was contracting every 3 minutes. I knew if she was beginning to dilate that she would most likely be having her baby girl before me. Oh yeah.... AND we have the same Dr. Our Dr. and all of the nurses were dying over this. They couldn't believe it! It was really fun and exciting. Corey texts us and says she is dilating and that they we're going in for their C-section at 1:00 pm. At this point it was about 10:30am.

My labor began to intensify fairly quickly. The pain of each contraction was worsening every few minutes I felt and I was having a hard time staying in my zone and coping with the intensity. By 11:30 I was certain I was getting close only to find out I was 4cm. If you're planning on delivering with out pain meds I highly recommend not checking dilation unless you feel your labor is progressing quickly. It can be very discouraging and I almost lost it. There was no way I could continue in this amount of pain for much longer. I could no longer sit down, I was pacing my room, in and out of shower, my music was on full blast. The wireless headphones were clutch by the way and I highly recommend them. I was doing everything I could and really having to go deep in to my zone.

Then it was 12:30. My sissy popped in all prepped for her c-section and we hugged and off she went. At that moment I remember thinking, my Dr is going to in there for at least an hour and I knew by the level of my pain that I wasn't going to be another hour. More like 10 minutes. At 12:45 I knew she was coming. Nurse told me I was a 5. I knew there was so no way. There is a very distinct feeling when you are about to have a baby. Your body goes into auto pilot and there is no stopping it. I am screaming, "NO! I have to push, she is coming. I can't stop her. Get my Dr!!" She comes in on her way to my sister in the OR and says ok, you're about a 6. You're doing great. Just transitioning. By the time I am done you'll be a 10."

She walks out. And 2 minutes later you can probably hear me screaming throughout the entire labor and delivery wing. There was no way I had more then 2 minutes before this baby birthed herself. Nurse yells, "She's a 10! Grab the Dr. from the OR or I am going to be delivering this baby myself."

Let me recap that for you...I went from 5cm to a complete 10, baby literally being born in less than 10 minutes. My Dr flies in, screaming for gloves and little Indie is born 30 seconds later. I never even consciously pushed. She just came out. It was insane!! I had no complications so my Dr. stepped out, mind blown and delivered my little niece Ryatt 20 minutes later.

 This is my what the hell just happened face! I was in shock for about an hour...

And, my brother in law got the entire thing on video. What a whirlwind experience. My favorite movie has always been Father of the Bride 2 and I still can't believe we got our very own version. I feel so shocked that this happened. How cool and an absolute miracle.

 If my sister hadn't been there for her delivery my family would't have shown up in time for my delivery. Because of her my girls and our family were able to be there and actually thought it was my sister who had the baby and not me. Being that I completely skipped 6-9cm. I am just so grateful for all of the little things that took place leading up to her being born. Thank you Jesus for a once in a lifetime moment and 2 beautiful, healthy baby girls.

We are so in love with our little twinnies. It was such an exciting day that we will all cherish.

Indie Mae 
Born 1:24 pm
7lbs 12 oz 
19.5 inches long 

Ryatt Rae
Born 1:44 pm
6lbs 9 oz
19.5 inches long 

Sister, it was such a special gift sharing this with you. We are beyond blessed to have such a strong sisterhood and friendship. We have a bond stronger than any. I love you and my sweet little niece to pieces. We are looking forward to sharing every mile stone together <3 nbsp="" p="">
******My type of labor is known as "Precipitous labor." Only a very small percentage of woman experience this. My nurse informed me that what causes an express labor could be an efficient uterus that contracts with unusual strength and very compliant soft tissues as well as a sensitivity to oxytocin. I also looked it up because I wanted to read a little bit more about it. I was intrigued and wondered if any of the things I did to prepare my body for delivery may have also been a factor. I found that a well aligned pelvis and baby positioned extremely well. Here is what I did the last month in a half leading up to delivery Chiropractor 1 to 2 times a week for last 6 weeks. Acupuncture starting at 36 weeks, eating 6 dates a day starting at 34 weeks. From 35 weeks if I were sitting, it was on my exercise ball. I also did a lot of yoga poses and lunges leading up to labor as well as doing them in early labor while I could still tolerate it. One thing laboring moms don't realize is that you can use the stairwells in the hospital to help baby drop and speed things along. With Willow and Indie I would alternate sides, and lunge up 2 stairs at a time. Its extremely effective in helping the baby engage properly.

I'll never really know, but I do believe all of the extra steps I took to help make things easier for a natural birth really actually helped a ton. Labor is a marathon. If you don't start preparing well in advance, you leave yourself open to longer strenuous labor for you and baby.

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. These opinions are entirely my own. All I can base this off of are my own labor and deliveries. Please do not try anything listed above with out first consulting your Dr. 

Van's Back to School Giveaway with Joy Bauer

We are so excited about this giveaway! As most of you know I haven't ate gluten in almost 4 years and my family eats about 75% gluten free as a result of it. Because of amazing food companies like Van's, they have made this transition easy for me and my family. My girl's didn't even notice when I swapped out their waffles with their gluten free option as well as many others. They are huge fans of their cheese crackers. No cheez-its missed around here. I have to keep them on the top shelf of the pantry or Willow will eat them all. :D

Not only does Vans offer a great selection of gluten free options but wholesome and healthier ones as well.

Ok, back to this fabulous giveaway:

Let's celebrate MODERN MOMS!

·         To celebrate modern moms and make her life a little easier, Van’s is hosting a Back-to-School giveaway for a year’s worth of free waffles (52 coupons) and three signed cookbooks from celebrity nutritionist and best-selling author Joy Bauer!

·         Breakfast doesn’t have to be stressful. Quick, wholesome options like Van’s waffles offer protein and whole grains that are so delicious moms feel great about serving them and kids love eating them.

·         Van’s conducted a survey of 1,000 moms and asked them to describe their mornings. From the survey, Van’s found that while moms may forfeit “glam for fam,” serving wholesome breakfasts is one area they are not willing to compromise.:
o    58 percent said they rush through their morning hair or makeup routines
o    Nearly 40 percent admit to wearing pajamas to drive their kids to school
o    17 percent who apply makeup in the car.
o    Nearly 70 percent of moms said they feel better about themselves when they serve a hot breakfast, and they count protein, whole grains and kid-friendliness as the lead factors for making good choices for their families.

·         Van’s offers a variety of options for all types of eaters, from kid-favorite Van’s Minis (with 27 grams of whole grain per serving) to Van’s Gluten-Free Waffles (free of gluten, dairy and egg) and Van’s 8 Whole Grains Waffles (with 7 grams of fiber).

·         Van’s waffles are available at grocery stores, mass merchandisers and natural food retailers nationwide. To find Van’s waffles in a store near you, visit:


·         A year’s worth of free waffles (52 coupons)
·         Three signed cookbooks from celebrity nutritionist and best-selling author Joy Bauer - “Slim & Scrumptious,” “From Junk Food to Joy Food” and “Food Cures.”
·         Giveaway value – approx.: $275

Totally Original Minis Package8WG Multigrain Waffles Package


This giveaway was facilitated by Van’s Foods. I was not compensated for this post but did receive free product samples and all opinions are my own.

A Whimsical Day with Petite Adele

We just adore this beautiful line. Their collection is just gorgeous. The prints on these dresses are so stunning in person. And the quality is over the top!

Their new collection is worth looking at. Be sure to click the link below and see for yourself ;)