I can't believe Indie is already 2 months! It's crazy to me. She has settled in so perfectly to our lifestyle of always being on the go. She enjoys being in the car and falls fast asleep as soon as she is in her car seat. What an angel! It's so nice having a baby that will just go with the flow. She is so happy and mellow all of the time. She has blessed our lives with so much love, we all can't get enough. Every time she makes a cute sound or smiles she literally has the 4 of us all up in her face just gushing over her. We are all so in love.

She just had her 2 month check up and shots :( To my surprise she didn't even notice the first one but that second shot got her good. Poor little love.

She is 10 lbs 2 oz and a whopping 24 inches! That makes 5 inches in length since birth and puts her at 95% for height. Long and lean just like her Daddy. Lucky girl!

She is a wonderful sleeper and has rolled over twice! She loves to smile and giggle at the little balls on her Mama Roo. We call them her girlfriends. LOL

We are just having so much fun with her and couldn't be more content as a family.

Braid Tutorial and Giveaway with Curlformers

We are so excited about this giveaway. We are giving away a travel set of Hairflair brushes by Curlformers. These brushes quickly became my new fave! Due to 2 tender headed little girls, I was forced to use the Wetbrush on them. Although it was soft enough to not pull or hurt them, it never effectivly got all of the knots out. Then we tried these brushes!! OMG, this is no exaggeration. These brushes are amazing. They don't pull at all and actually remove all of the tangles leaving the girls with silk soft hair ready for braiding. I struggle with hair breakage and have had very minimal hair left in the brush every time I use it. Trust me...You want these brushes.

To enter this giveaway head over to our Insta. Follow us, leave a comment, tag a friend and follow Curlformers to enter!

Indian Summer

Fall weather seems to have missed the memo...But then again so did Summer so all in all we deserve some warmth before the crisp Autumn air sets in. We have been so busy around here. Fall sports and activities, me going back to work on the weekends, Indie getting bigger every day and my hubby coaching football almost every evening after work makes family time a little tough to squeeze in at the moment.

These are just a couple of things I like to do to stay connected:

I love to cook, my husband prefers to eat (not cook!)so he hangs out in the kitchen (togetherness) while the girls and I cook or bake. The conversations we have are always silly and entertaining. We always seem to learn something new about our girls. Willow looooves to cook. She has a real knack and understanding for it, while Liv prefers to observe and join in on the conversation...Like her Daddy, she would rather just enjoy the eating portion.

Another one of my favorite things when I am craving family time is to tuck our girls in together. We'll do our same routine only its both and not just one or the other. The girls love it and I enjoy that we are all snuggled up on one of their beds, winding down from a chaotic day. It's the simple things.

There are other little moments here and there where I try and squeeze in family time but it's hard when we are all going in opposite directions. I would love to hear some of your ideas and ways to stay connected in the chaos. Comment below or shoot us a DM on Instagram. We love hearing from you guys!

I wanted to share this totally fun children's line called Buy Wild Child. The girl's tanks are from there and of course Indie and Ryatt have some adorable little onsies to share once they fit into them. They are to die for!! Be sure to check out her amazing inventory and Insta! Cuteness overload!!!

Fall Looks for warm weather
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2 Months Already?

I cannot believe our girls are 2 months already! We have been having so much fun with our girls. Twinning outfits and adorable photo ops. We just can't get enough of Ryatt and Indie.

Indie has been so wonderful letting me sleep. She wakes up once early in the morning and than right back to sleep. She is so great with tagging along. She's just so happy to be here! Smiling and cooing all day long, keeping her mama and daddy melting over her cuteness. We cannot get enough.

The girls are loving having a baby in the house. They have been so helpful to me. Always eager to see what they can do to help with sister. It's so heart warming.

We are looking forward to the holiday's with our sweet girl. The topic of discussion around here has been what Indie will be for Halloween. We shall see...

Tiny Blessings

 The girls are so in love with their engraved Tiny Blessing's necklaces. It's really cute to see them take such good care of them because they know and appreciate how special they are. This is their first real piece of jewelry and something they will cherish forever. 

Tiny Blessings is such a beautiful, quality line of jewelry. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and is kept safe in the most gorgeous little blue box. 

Even our little unofficial twins have a piece of their own. Their bracelets are their birthstone. 

Pumpkin Pickin

We just adore this time of year. It holds special memories for all of us. It's always my goal to instill traditions and long lasting memories for my girls. They can always count on us going to the pumpkin patch as soon as October hits. I just love the way our porch looks with all those pumpkins. We've added one more to the pile this year. This will be Indie Mae's 1st Halloween and we are so excited.

We hope you enjoy the photos from our day at the patch yesterday!


Bonus cute Dad with baby pix!!

Spit up has never looked so chic

How's that for a post title! But seriously, how cute is the burp shawl by Burp Necessity. This might be my new favorite product. It's innovative, functional and stylish. The fabric is soft for baby's sensitive skin and also very absorbent. Stops spit up in its tracks. Hehe.

About Burp Necessity
 Burp Necessity started as my solution to every mother’s problem of small, unflattering, inconvenient burp cloths that did not stay put. I am a mother of 2 beautiful children who inspired me to create the original Burp Shawl™ that works to protect clothing from inevitable messy spit-ups. I wanted to create a product that didn't look like the typical boring burp cloth. A product that was functional but at the same time stylish and would compliment any mom's outfit.
 Burp Necessity consists of myself Kathy Fitzgerald, creator and designer of the burpshawls.  I am also a stay at home mom and a part-time pharmacy technician. And my amazing mother Ran Kreal who hand crafts each Burpshawl with over 30 years of sewing experience.
As mothers, we take pride in the time and effort that go into each Burp Necessity Shawl so rest assured your Burpshawl was hand crafted with the utmost care and love (in Seattle, Washington) because nothing is more important than our precious babies. 
Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out our products!